We are delighted to announce that our Swedish-English album book is now available from The Bilingual Bookshop. This is a place where you can find really fun and engaging products to support your child’s language learning. How about a Frozen DVD in Spanish, French or German?

Founder, Cheryl Sánchez, is nominated to  “mumpreneur of the year 2014”. This is what she says about The Bilingual Bookshop:

“The Bilingual Bookshop was set up as, like you, we know the routine too well: you raid the shops on a trip to your native country, buy as many books and toys as you can to support your child’s language learning, and then have to stuff the car boot, or worse – already overloaded suitcases to get them back to the UK. It is too difficult to get hold of the right products here in the UK – which is where we step in…

 The Bilingual Bookshop brings carefully chosen, good-quality products straight to you whenever you want – quick delivery, payment in GBP with a UK credit card and the knowledge that the products have been selected for the needs of your child rather than a monolingual learner.”


Bilingual bookshop