Kids Songs – English and Danish Children’s Favourites

This album contains some of the well known kids’ songs that are sung in both Danish and English. Traditional arrangements of the much loved melodies sung by Helena Hellberg. Also contains the first translated and released version of the famous song ‘Kookaburra’. Currently only available for download.



English CD

  1. If you’re happy and you know it
  2. Father Abraham
  3. Old MacDonald
  4. My hat it has three corners
  5. Eensy weensy spider
  6. Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  7. Twinkle twinkle little star
  8. Kookaburra
  9. Baa baa black sheep
  10. Brother John
  11. Brahms’ Lullaby

Danish CD

  1. Du skal klappe, hvis du er i godt humør
  2. Fader Abraham
  3. Jens Hansen havde en bondegård
  4. Min hat den har tre buler
  5. Lille Peter edderkop
  6. Hoved, skulder knæ og tå
  7. Blinke, blinke stjerne der
  8. Kookaburra
  9. Mae bae hvide lam
  10. Mester Jacob
  11. Brahms vuggevise


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