You can now get hold of a copy of our “Family Christmas Songs” book at the charming English Bookshop in Stockholm and Swedish. This is the perfect place to visit if you love English literature and culture. Here is what they say: 


We are an exclusively English language bookshop with a direct import of UK and US titles every week.
The Uppsala English Bookshop is not a book realtor service created for the internet, but a real bookshop with a real stock and real employees with a great deal of book experience. We who work here have never outgrown the voracious reading of our youth and our customers are all passionate readers too. The internet shop is an expansion of our existing shop.

We currently have a digital stock of approximately 100’000 titles and a physical stock of approx. 11’000 titles. This stock is the result of choices made by us and our customers. We have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible, and most of our prices are lower than our competitors. Because of this we give no discounts. Our prices are stated both with and without the Swedish sales tax.
Because of our frequent and regular deliveries from the USA and the UK we are fairly quick in getting special orders for you. Anything you can’t find in our title database we can get for you anway, if it’s in print or not. Just contact us with as much information as you have, and we’ll get back to you with a price and an approximate delivery time.

Our aim is to be a booklover’s bookshop; the sort of place where you can lose yourself in the shelves for hours, browsing and relaxing in a chair to the soft music we play, while the river Fyris gently flows by a block away. And our aim for the internet shop is to transfer this feeling from the physical shop to the virtual one.
Welcome inside!