We have found the perfect place for our ‘Kids Songs Album’: The stylish, cool and seductive SOCKERBIT with shops in both New York and Los Angeles. This is what they say on their website www.sockerbit.com


Our mission and desire is to share the Scandinavian candy culture and the amazing selection of “smågodis”, which translates into little candies.   For any Scandinavian person (Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian) smågodis is part of their everyday life; and most of the Swedes grew up with the tradition of “lördagsgodis”, meaning Saturday sweets. Every Saturday children are allowed to buy their favorite smågodis as a weekend treat and it is usually the highlight of the week.  

The idea of composing your own candy bag is a dream come true to everyone. Sometimes we feel like something sour and sweet at the same time… and sometimes we need chocolate but mixed with some fruity surprises…it all depends on how we feel, our mood, the weather…you could say that each person’s candy bag reflects the state of mind of that person.  

We wanted to create a clean space where the center of attraction would be the sweets; their colors and shapes. Also a wide open space so people can enjoy the sweet atmosphere when you walk inside a Sockerbit store. In short we like to keep things sweet, simple and Scandinavian!  

Sockerbit, literally means “sugar cube” and it is also the name of the one of our candies, a white-cubed marshmallow, which is also the original inspiration for our design.  

Another trait of these tasty candies is that Scandinavian candy is made with high quality ingredients; free of transfats, colors from nature, free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO). All things combined make these candies delicious.