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Famous and loved Kids Songs in Swedish, Danish and English. Lyrics along with stunning illustrations by Åsa Wikman.

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“My two bilingual boys and I love the English-Swedish album! I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.”

– Catarina

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Speaking different dialects can have the same cognitive benefits as being bilingual

May 3, 2016|

Interesting article published in the magazine Cognition. Shows how speaking and knowing different dialects can stimulate the brain the same [...]

Happy Easter to all our customers and fans!

March 25, 2016|

Happy Easter in different languages: Afrikaans geseënde Paasfees Albanian gëzuar Pashkët Arabic فِصْح سعيد Basque ondo izan Bazko garaian Breton [...]

Its time for a singing “Semla”…

February 9, 2016|

It that time of year again, when Swedes around the world long for a so called "Semla" . The official [...]

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“Where words fail, music speaks.”

– Hans-Christain Andersen


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